Customer Testimonials & Kind Words


Here's some kind words and nice comments we've received.

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Subject: Update - Good news!


I got a 35cc syringe yesterday from my vet's office and got 70cc into Frankie (Ol’ Blue Eyes).  This morning he calmed down -  only wanted a small "nibble" and then was on to better things like his playtop.  Just got done feeding him his night feeding and he took about 55cc.  He's been busy - ate lots of pellets today and munched out on his seed, nutriberries, nuts, etc., this afternoon.  Also drinking water.  I put crocks on the floor of his cage, and at perch level so he is always surrounded by food.  Plus there are 2 bowls on his playtop.  Last night he fell asleep on my hubby's lap while we were watching tv.  Just a complete doll!!  

Holly has been better today too - I had her out a little more than normal plus I've been working with her to "whisper".  Lo and behold this evening she did!!  If I whisper to her she will whisper to me.  She is just a love and I can do anything with her.  She now "allows" hubby to pick her up if she has flown to the floor but only then...  LOL.

Well - thats all for now.  Just wanted you to know things are working themselves out.  Thank you again for the privilege of adding these two characters to our lives.  :)



Subject: We LOVE Ernie!


Sorry it took me so long to write back.  I don't check my mail everyday-especially the last couple of days. You were correct when you said Ernie was a hand full. The kids love him! He is in our dining room that is open to the rest of our entire upstairs and of course with 4 kids, we are constantly in there. 

The kids have finally learned not to walk away from their spot at the table or they will be sharing their meal with Ernie.  Yesterday he so called help me sort socks...his way. The kids thought it was hilarious.  Ernie loves to pick up sox & fling them high in the air, one after another, after another. Then he decided he wanted to share them with me so he and I had mouth to mouth tug-of-war. 

This morning Ben (husband) left his keys on the table and ernie decided he no longer needed the remote control to the truck. He comes down stairs with us all the time in our family room which he has decided is his "snuggle time" with Ben in front of the big screen tv & then he'll go sit up on top of the entertainment center for awhile.

So far so good I would have to say.  He has got me good once but it was when I was putting the lock on his door...and he was pissed.

My daughter took some pictures of Ernie and all of us.  I will send them as soon as I can.  Plus she's better at all of this computer world stuff than I am!!

Thank you so much for allowing us to have Ernie join our family.

It is truly an honor!



Subject: Thank you

I looked at many web sites for the answer to my macaw question and came across yours... Was so sure you'd be far too busy to answer any email and kept going back and back... Shared your site with email friends to let them have a giggle seeing the macaws laying on their backs... and it dawned on me... this person sure loves those macaws.. so must know their "stuff." I am so glad I got up the nerve to email you...

Blessings to you and all those under your roof...



Subject: We LOVE our new baby CaraParrot!

Hi Barb,

My kids and their friends enjoyed visiting you. They loved your house!

Just a little note to let you know your baby (B&G) Legend, is doing fine. It loves its cage and toys.

Every time I pick him up, I can't just put him back in the cage. Needless to say i have not accomplished much lately, but fun with legend.  It is very sweet. I pick it up in the morning around 8:00 am. take care of its food and water play with it for a long time. Then Matt (son) takes over late morning and thru out the day we are with it. It loves the Barney song. I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME. WE'RE A HAPPY FAMILY. WITH A GREAT BIG KISS FROM ME TO YOU. WON'T YOU SAY, YOU LOVE ME TOO!! 
I swear it either loves it. Or thinks i am nuts!

I have told the kids friends we are having a four month old birthday party for legend around December 20th. Baby wipes are a welcome gift. I clean up alot of bird poop. Did you ever hear of how or if any one has trained their bird to poop in the cage? Legend does love it's cage. My gosh it's like toys r us in there now! I try to put it to bed by 8:00 p.m like you said you did. In its cage and lights out! By 7:30, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m its really tired! It really is like having a new baby around. I am the grandmother. Matts friends, Cody and Dana are the godparents. This is going to be one spoiled bird. I guess it runs in the family. No really if your a good person, do good in school, then good things will happen is our philosophy. Thank you for always being there. You are like the nurses in the hospitals after the newborns go home. Always on call. I will always refer you, when i can.

My kids and their friends enjoyed visiting you. They loved your house!

Have a great day.

Yours truly, 

Barb and DeLuca Family


Subject: Great pics!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful birds and stunning photos!!!!! Thank you soooo much too for your lovely comments on my work! I do love painting parrots it's a shame your so far away, I'm looking for a bird of my own and have had no luck this year at all. 

I wanted a severe & I found 1 breeder in England and she had 2 clutches die in the egg! No-one seems to be breeding Eclectus (I wanted a male). I have been offered older 'problem' birds but I'd rather get a young hand-reared bird as our house can be a bit manic at times!

Would you mind if I ever painted any of the photos you've sent me? I'd happily send you a print of any or maybe the Blue & Gold you like ...also could I pick your brain? I want to paint a huge canvas of all Macaw species including the rare and little known but there's so many.  Although I know alot, I'm no expert! Any help would be appreciated!

Best wishes, 



Subject: Hi CaraParrots

Barb and Harry,

First and foremost Harry "Semper Fi, Brother". Barb, I fell in love with you the minute we spoke. 

You guys have been a God send. Words can not say the amount of joy that you have given us. Your birds are the most Beautiful I've ever seen.

Very Respectfully,  

John Irwin


Subject: Thank You so much

Barb and Harry, what can I say? There are no words or string of words that I can put together that would fully express how I feel about my beautiful boy Capri, Mango.

The love and care you put into raising him shows in his gentle, trusting and loving nature.

Mango coming home with us is only half of the weekend excitement. Getting the opportunity to meet with you and Harry was a true pleasure. Nothing like meeting real people that are down to earth and realistic.

Should the desire be there to bring another hybrid to our home, CaraParrots is the only place to go. For that matter, any avian family additions will be sought thru CaraParrots.


Subject: Highly r
eccomend CaraParrots 

I was referred to Caraparrots by a friend who met Barb and Harry at a bird show. I was very impressed by how well they care for their birds. 

Their birds are healthy and very well socialized and they take the time to allow you to bond with your birds. I purchased my 2 Hahns Macaws from Barb and Harry they are the loves of my life. 

They're not just pets they're companions.


Subject: Great folks 

I was referred to Barb for a baby, and am on her list for my Dream Macawkid! 

She has been SO friendly and kind and I am SO excited with her! She loves these Kids SO much, and it shows in everything she says!!! 

Looking forward to many years of friendship!!!


Subject:  Hi Barb

I have been seeing you forever on birdmart ~ thanks for referring us to your site! 

This is terrific!



Subject: Waiting is the hardest part

I am on pins and needles waiting for my female baby Cammie. 

Her name will be Gucci, because she costs as much as a designer handbag, but will be much more fun!!!! Saturday is only 3 days away but I don't think I'll sleep at all! 

Thanks Barb!



Subject: CaraParrots LOVE!

We just bought Barb's last Calico macaw she had for sale, and we love it! She is a very funny and sweet bird who is getting very adventures around our home! 

She loves to hang out with our blue and gold and also our congo african grey! If we ever buy another hybrid macaw, I'm sure me and my husband would go back to Barb, she is a very nice person with alot of knowledge about her birds! We thank you alot for Emmie Barb!!!


Subject: Love the website

Hello Barb,

I haven't been on your website for a while, it looks great. Now that spring is hear I look forward to stopping by to visit with you and your feathered friends. 

I love the peace and tranquility of your back yard aka Parrotdise. Looking forward to visiting soon to enjoy your birds and your garden.


...Thanks 4 Flying By!