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...a (not-so) simple Thank You


April 14, 2018

An enormous Thank You to the many CaraParrots
customers everywhere for your kind words of support
since the passing of my Mom, "Mama Bird" Barb Carapezza, 
on October 8th of 2017. 

This post is long overdue...and for that I apologize.

Many have been asking about the future of CaraParrots
and sadly with the passing of my Mom, so too
the heart & soul of CaraParrots has also gone.

Unfortunately, the futures of the living legacies she spent a
majority of her life nurturing have been left in the hands
of individuals who have decided not to continue her good works.

Additionally (and beyond) unfortunate,
is not having a say in the matter nor any legal recourse. 

...no words can express my sadness because of this.

To that end, over the coming months I'll be transitioning
the content of 
CaraParrots.com to serve as a memorial
to my Mother's two great passions...Plants & Parrots!

The new CaraParrots.com will showcase the thousands
of pictures, videos, and accumulated memories from
the many wonderful years she spent with
both her blooming & feathered children. 

A simple Thank You doesn't seem nearly enough for the
many years of friendship many of you had provided my Mom,
but  a simple Thank You is all I can offer for now.

...Thank you!

With Love,

 Jeff Corder
"Baby Bird"

Forever Loved & Forever Free
'Mama Bird'FLY in Peace

Mom on porch

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I share this post…

“Mama Bird,” Annette Barbara Parish, passed away peacefully in her sleep in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 8th, 2017.

It’s impossible to list all the amazing qualities of “Barb the Bird Lady,” but if you ever had the pleasure of meeting or talking with her…consider yourself among the very fortunate.

My mom not only had a supernatural-like Parrot Whisperer love & connection to Parrots and all birds…but also for ALL life, as clearly displayed to anyone who has witnessed the abundance of green miracles in her yard & greenhouse. I would often brag on Barb and tell people, “My Mom doesn’t just have a green thumb….ALL her fingers AND toes are green!”

No words can describe the tremendous sense of loss we're feeling right and want to thank all her great friends and those in the avian community for reaching out to share their fond memories & condolences.

Many years ago my mother penned The CaraParrots Story that eloquently described her passion for parrots. It’s a poignant reminder of the incredible living legacy she leaves behind in her feathered kids.

Here is the link to The CaraParrots Story


Please remember this incredible woman who lived her life on her own terms, with no regrets and a sassy streak second to none. Simply put…they broke the mold after Barb.

The world is less beautiful without you in it…but your flock of colorful kids from coast to coast will live on to share their beauty, love and SQUAAAAAWKS in honor of their amazing Mom.

With love,


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This is hilarious! Click the pic for the full story from
 the Onion by clicking on the picture above.


Ruby Macaw Stolen!

On Friday, June 1st, 2012 a Ruby Macaw named Buford 
was stolen from the Northside (Bowmanville) yard of Nick Butkovich. 
 is 20+ years old and ID chipped and there is a 
$1000+ Reward 
for any information leading to the recovery of Buford. 
More info can be found on MAMMA BIRD'S BLOG
or by clicking on the above image.

Anyone with information should contact the 
District 20 Chicago Police Dept. at 312-742-8714 or 312-742-8715.  

CaraParrots extends our thoughts & hopes for Bufford's safe recovery.

Thanks for flying by! 


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