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Customer Testimonials & Kind Words

Here's some kind words and nice comments we've received.

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Subject: Update - Good news!


I got a 35cc syringe yesterday from my vet's office and got 70cc into Frankie (Ol’ Blue Eyes).  This morning he calmed down -  only wanted a small "nibble" and then was on to better things like his playtop.  Just got done feeding him his night feeding and he took about 55cc.  He's been busy - ate lots of pellets today and munched out on his seed, nutriberries, nuts, etc., this afternoon.  Also drinking water.  I put crocks on the floor of his cage, and at perch level so he is always surrounded by food.  Plus there are 2 bowls on his playtop.  Last night he fell asleep on my hubby's lap while we were watching tv.  Just a complete doll!!  

Holly has been better today too - I had her out a little more than normal plus I've been working with her to "whisper".  Lo and behold this evening she did!!  If I whisper to her she will whisper to me.  She is just a love and I can do anything with her.  She now "allows" hubby to pick her up if she has flown to the floor but only then...  LOL.

Heard Round the Nestbox...

Bird Sayings...

~ A bird in time saves nine.

~ A bird is worth a thousand words.

~ Don't look a gift bird in the mouth.

~ Fifty-four forty or bird.

~ Happy Birdday!

~ It ain't over 'til the fat bird sings.

From Dereila Nature Inn Home

Here's a crazy little tale which includes a number of sayings referring to birds. How many can you spot?

They said to me, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," as I tried to watch the birdie while looking at a bird in the hand, but wishing for the two in the bush.

I knew that with a good throw I could kill two birds with one stone, but I didn't worry because, as birds of a feather flock together and as most don't fly by night, they would be there tomorrow.

I realised that there may be a few lucky ducks that have flown the coup and got away so, my advice always this:

Don't count your chickens before they have hatched.  You often may have to be satisfied with a bunch of lame ducks, oh, and don't mention that the birds have flown, but then again, the early bird catches the worm.  Always keep your pecker up I say. Get up with the birds, but don't go out naked as a jaybird or people will just think you're as silly as a goose, or a bit of a bird brain, and this may hang around your neck like an albatross for a very long time. It could even be our swan song.

Ruby Macaw Stolen, Help Find Buford

On Friday, June 1st, 2012 a Ruby Macaw by the name of Buford
was stolen from the Northside (Bowmanville) yard of Nick Butkovich. 
 is 20years old and ID chipped and there is a 
$1000+ Reward 
for any information leading to the recovery of Buford.

Anyone with information should contact the
District 20 Chicago Police Dept. at 312-742-8714 or 312-742-8715.  

CaraParrots extends our thoughts &
prayers for a safe recovery of Bufford.


"Bowmanville's 'bird man' carries on after 
a beloved macaw is kidnapped

Here's the complete story from The Chicago Tribune
(Just click picture above)

For OUR Bird Bath!


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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008
Subject: Re: Macaw shower curtain

I am so pleased I reached your was a bear to do and so much detail. 

Thanks so much and you can put it on your website too if you like.

Thanks again for your support of my work.


PS - "I’ve never understood why normal, everyday items have to be so boring and mundane. I just believe that all art doesn’t have to be dusted."

“What my family thinks I do...”

Here's a hilarious image from the Florida Parrot Rescue's Facebook page!

Florida Parrot Rescue is a not-for-profit avian rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of companion parrots.

Check them out at… 

Decorah Eagle's Nest Monitor

Hi bird lovers!

I recently discovered this live webcast of the Decorah Eagle's nest monitor. I could sit & watch this for hours! It's fascinating...she’s on 3 eggs and gets up & rotates them periodically. The camera has close-up ability and zooms in & out. Check it's "must see bird TV!"

Check out the live video at the link below...

The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.

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