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parrot themed games & other stuff we didn't know where else to put! …Enjoy!

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CaraParrot Original Videos

Ever wonder what it's like around CaraParrots at feeding time???

Sissy, the CaraParrots 'SpokesParrot', on Nanny duty with a Red-Dom baby CaraParrot.

The It's feeding time again at!
This time it's an itty-bitty baby Capri Macaw less than 2 weeks old. 

 Sissy, the CaraParrots 'SpokesParrot', enjoys her fountain-side bath.

Watch The Birdie! CaraParrots has another new bird!
Look what just woke up in time for another Chicagoland winter!!!
Our 30+ year old Bird of Paradise is in bloom again.
You can see more pics of our Four Season greenhouse on our FOR SALE page.

*Video by Jeff Corder using Time Lapse Droid @ 1 frame p/15 mins for 14 hrs on a 
HTC EVO 4G w/stock 8MP camera. Color corrected with Apple Preview.
Edited, rendered & frame blended w/Final Cut Pro X.

BTV ~ Birds On TV

Andrew Zuckerman’s ”Bird” 

Here is Andrew Zuckerman's beautiful Bird video that was 
featured during an Apple's iPad Event & had to share it here!

Beautiful Plumage!

Most parrot owners love & know 
this famous Monty Python sketch by heart.

Waaaay before SNL's 'Jasper the Parrot' (played by Fred Armisen) 
there was the original "Parrot Sketch!"

…and here when John Cleese & Michael Palin reprised 
their roles in 1997 for the 22nd season of SNL!

Sirocco The Lonely Kakapo

For more info on 'Sirocco' click the video & story link here.

Ri& Rio2

THE movie(s) for parrot lovers!
Lotsa fun stuff on the Rihomepage here!

The Feathered Famous

Heeeeeeeeeere's Freud
Mary Storrs' Myna Bird Freud riffs with Johnny Carson in 1972!

Here's Sunni Black's Yellow Nape Amazon Laughing Lolita 
making Johnny crack-up on the Tonight Show.

...Johnny can't get enough of his feathered friends!

Einstein on Animal Planet.

Great BIRD-vertising!

Parrots make great Buds

Cute commercial from Tropicana with a VERY talented Macaw Chorus Line.

The Talented TELUS Flock!

Telus, a Canadian telecommunication company, likes to employ
a wide variety of beautiful feathered friends in their ads.
Above is a compilation with the LOTS more below. Enjoy em' all ...
they're great!
(Song: Jamba - Anjulie from Bring It On: Fight To The Finish 2009

A Macaw, Palm Cockatoo and Galah pitch for Telus.
Reservoir Birds" anyone?
(Song: Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection 1969)

…more Telus Bird-vertising.
(Song: Three is a Magic Number - Blind Melon 1996)

The regal Telus Peacocks.
(Song: The Look of Love - ABC 1982)

The beautiful Telus Rainbow Lorikeets.
(Song: Godless - The Dandy Warhols 2000)

The VERY Cool Telus Penguins.
(Song: Alright - Supergrass 1995)

 The Telus Toucan. …w/a hilarious tag line!!!
(Song: Bundle Up And Go - John Lee Hooker 1959)

 The gorgeous Telus Hummers.
…FYI, Hummers DO NOT like 'Royales with cheese.' ;)
(Song: Misirlou - Dick Dale & The Del-Tones 1963)

Dancing with the Bird Stars!

Frostie  Shakes a Tail Feather!

Eat yer' heart out Carrie Ann, Len & Bruno! 

The video above is of a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo named Snowball living at the Bird Lovers Only Rescue in Schererville, IN.  Snowball loves the Back Street Boys and has taught himself to dance to their song Everybody check out all of Snowball's videos on YouTube. Recommended reading Avian Dancing

Bird-Brained Games

Here's a fun lil' game you can play when your not cleaning cages!
To PLAY click on the image above.
(Warning: Might not be suitable for small humans.)

Here's another fun Parot themed time waster! 
To PLAY click on the image above.

Create your own CaraParrot Hybrid Macaw!
Here's a fun one for the kids to get creative. 
To PLAY click on the image above.

More bird-brained stuff coming soon! 
If you see something fun, please email us a link!

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